All you have to know if your wedding is in 6 months or more.
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Dancing is suppose to be fun and exciting, it is meant to spice up you life.
Enjoy it! start early. Find out what is possible. Talk to us about Dance Lessons for Wedding.

If your Wedding is in 6 months or more
General Couples 101-102 Dance Lessons
for wedding is the way to start

The best Dance Lessons for Wedding in Toronto

You could book couple of private wedding dance lessons to start just to get an idea where you’re at with your dancing, and get a good breakdown of what is within your reach, how much work it would take, and when to start.

If you’re ready to start group classes General Dancing 101 – 102 is the best option. It will ease you into the wide range of topics for you to choose from later. Each level comprises of 8 weeks.

In 101 – 102 you’ll learn basics and extended patterns of Freestyle dancing, Swinging Form (Swing / Rock’n’Roll), Latin Form (Rumba/Salsa) and Ballroom Form (Watz/Foxtrot). Check details HERE

Time means you can plan ahead to take group dance classes in few styles of dancing, and while having fun discovering something new about yourselves and each other, get ready to have the best time of your life at your own Wedding. General 101 -102 will give you all-around prep in 4 months and you’ll still have plenty of time for getting the choreography together during private classes later.

Time means Options – Just make the firs step to find out what they are.  Call Us  or give us a shout by filling out the form below.