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Dancing at Your Wedding

Can give the whole reception a very different feel – it is strongly connected to the music that is being played. If you ask the DJ to play very particular type of music – you’ll get a “Theme Wedding” .The question remains if the hall you’re renting for the reception will support that theme with their interior décor, and if your guests will be willing to dig deeper into their closets to find a “Flapper dress”, “Cowboy Boots” and Hat, or the long forgotten “Bell Bottoms”.

“Theme Wedding” could give your reception great “dress-up-party” feel to it, makes for awesome photos and great videos to watch and enjoy later.

Here are some Music / Dance theme Ideas:

  • “Victorian”: End of 1800’s, British garden party outdoorsy style, high waist dresses, Tuxedos and straw hats, Bicycle riding “summer suits” and rounded collars, Waltzes and other “post-Baroque” small ensemble music.
  • “Prohibition”: The Wild’n’Crazy 20’s – Post Victorian Flapper style, with long straight dresses, beaded hair cups, long thin cigarette holders on one end, and pin stripe suits a’la Cappone and a “SpeakEasy” home party feel on the other. The music dominating that Era – Small to Big band Charleston, Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango.
  • “C’mon Lets Twist Again”: 40’s, 50’s and 60’s Swing and Rock’n’Roll theme. Thick Frame Photochrome glasses with Buddy Holly and Elvis in the backdrop, Bobby Sockser and The Greaser and cast of Footloose on the posters on the 60’s side of the Era, Motown, “Doo-Up”, Pinup Girls and WWII Flight Jackets on the other… Swing, Jitterbug, Rock’n’Roll and Lindy Hop will be the theme’s main feel. And The Beatles somewhere in the middle of course…
  • “Club 54”: 70’s dancing theme – “Staying Alive” and “Dancing Queen” is the thing. But also “Play that Funky Music…” and “The Celebration….” Line dancing like “Do the Hustle” and a “Buss Stop” will be “The Thing” Lots of Free Style dancing in Bell Bottoms and Long Collar colorful shirts unbuttoned all the way to your tummy….
  • “80’s Party” – Nena’s “99 LuftBalangs”, OMD, Roy Orbison, Depeche Mode, Fine Young Cannibals, The Cure, The Culture Club and Billy Summerville, The Queen, David Bowie and Robert Plant…. Popcorn Pads instead of real percussion… That theme doesn’t require explanation – Dancing wise: Swing, ChaCha and Rumba plus Freestyle
  • “90’s Latin Theme” – Lots of Salsa, Merengue and Chacha, party hits like “Nossa”, “La Camisa Negra”, “Dansa Cuduro” or “Los Cetchup”. With more current music selections you can expect Bachata to also find it’s way into the mix.
  • “HoeDown”: Country Western theme – music does not require explanation – dancing – Waltzes, CountryWestern TwoStep (a version of a Foxtrot) Rumbas, ChaCha-s and of course Swing and Rock’n’Roll. Surprising amounts of good dancing music.
  • “2000 and on.. Modern Mix” – With the previous century’s music all being used for inspiration – there is an “Anything Goes” feel to this one, plus there are so many musical niches it gets hard to define the main theme… Dancing wise – also anything goes, you’re as likely to see a Rumba and Salsa as you are to have Swing or Waltz there, but mostly Freestyle and solo.

These are the most easily defined themes. Either of them will push your reception in a very particular direction and in some way also “force your hand” as to what you’ll most likely to choose for your first dance. Talk to us about your ideas.