Wedding Songs – How To: First Wedding Dance Ideas…

first dance

Whatever wedding song ideas you choose for first dance, we can cut it, extend it, slow it down, reformat, resample and prep a new arrangement for the band.

When choosing your First Dance Song you could:

1: Choose Something Romantic

Talk to one another to chose something with Special Romantic Meaning for both of you, more personal and intimate. Reach back to your first date, first time you danced, first time you met. Maybe something stands out. Note it and contact us to see if it can be danced to – The Pro will help you determine that.

2: Choose your tune to reflect Your Dancing Preferences.

If you like Fast Dancing have music reflect that, if you’re more of the “Cuddle while you dance” kind of couple – choose that. If you like Line Dancing – go with music for that! The first dance is meant to be “You”! Choose the mood that makes you happy and have the professional solve the “choreography” side for you, and make you look good in the Dancing Mood you like – that is why you hire them!

3: Choose the music just For The Music

If there is a tune you like – check with a Pro if it can be danced to. You never know – even if not in the original form – it might be danceable after it is sped up, or slowed down, or when it is re-cut into a new rendition, or maybe there is a cover by another artist you never knew existed.

4: Choose your First Dance to fit Your Wedding Theme

Example: if you planning a “White Wedding” with Groom in Militarily Parade Uniform – a Waltz will fit “the visual” – a competition style Jive might not… If you are planning a 20’s Speakeasy Flapper style wedding – a Swing/Charleston with a Foxtrot mixed in or a Tango would be the natural choice, ChaCha will not fit as well.

5: Choose music For The Particular Dance

Like Tango for example – or Salsa – or Bachata – or a Romantic Rumba – if there is something about one particular dance that speaks to you – choose it. In all dances there are simple showy moves that will make you look good and stay in style.

6: For that special Movie Dance Scene

Like the famous Mambo (Salsa) choreography from “Dirty Dancing”, or “The Twist Contest” from “Pulp Fiction”, or the Tango Scene from “The Scent Of The Woman”….

Multi Song Arrangements

It doesn’t have to be just One Tune – there could be 2, 3 or More. They can be easily spliced together with appropriate sound transitions and matching lighting effects and changeover in the choreography to elevate Your First Dance to the next level.

You might not have guessed that

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri is a Waltz

“The Only Exception” by Paramore is a Waltz

“I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz is a Waltz to.

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica for example, is also a great Waltz, mind you it has to be shortened.

“When A Man Loves a Woman” Has been recorded by several artists like Michael Bolton – this is the original by Percy Sledge and is a Fast Waltz.

“I Choose You” could be dance either as Salsa or a Single Swing

“All Of Me” could be dance either as a slow Salsa or a Single Swing as well

My Baby Just Cares For Me by Nina Simone is a great Swing (Triple Swing or Lindy Hop)

Fascination by Nat King Cole is a Slow Waltz

Norah Jones “Come Away With Me”, another Great Slow Waltz

L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole is a Foxtrot

Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding is a Rumba

We have done first dance choreographies to all of the above songs. We have them in most cases already as “speed corrected originals” tempo adjusted for ease of dancing All of those tunes / dances have been tasted, and hundreds more. It is hard to believe that since 1994 first Adam himself and then both of us together – we’ve done over a 1000 of these…