Love is Love…

First Wedding Dance

You are wondering: why would we make “this page” in the context of First Wedding Dance?

Just to say we know Love is Love, and everyone should have the same chance to feel that warm and fuzzy moment with butterflies in the stomach, when you get in front of all your wedding guests for your first dance as a married couple…

We know, cause we experienced that moment so many years ago, and it was wonderful and magical, and we hope you get to experience in just the way you would want to…

But we also wanted to share an observation we made over the years: the biggest drawback of couple dancing is in the way it is structured and polarized in its dynamics, in the leading and following roles, roles that decide who spins who, and who dips who, and how that limits what can be done on the dance floor.

If building blocks of dance patters are constructed with this limiting duality – from dance choreography perspective – the limiting factor has to be danced around – because the blocks are… inflexible. If only dancers could switch dancing roles half way through the pattern… 🙂 Mmmmm!

First Wedding Dance

When Dancers are not limited by inflexible roles – dance wise it is like adding another dimension. This creates possibilities, creates space, space for artistic freedom to do more.

So we welcome the chance to share our experience, a chance to make your first dance extra special… Because it is not always about leading and following. It’s about Dancing Together

Some ideas how this could be done

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