Make this day absolutely special. Sky is the limit. Toronto Wedding First Dance

Toronto Wedding First Dance

The Wedding First Dance is a very graceful subject to improvise on and embellish. If you have time and a desire, the limits would be your imagination and the willingness of the potential participants…

We can prep the Wedding Choreography and arrange for the music to be professionally cut, reassembled with appropriate sound effects.

If the music for your first dance is to be performed live by the band – we can have a “new arrangement” prepared to fit the exact duration that you need for your first dance.

We could also prepare a special version of the recorded tune to fade out at the right moment to be picked up by the musicians playing live at your wedding.

Here are some of the most common ideas that deal with dancing:

  • Multi Tune Arrangements for the First Dance: Start with a retro theme and jump into a modern version of the same tune covered by a different artist, or begin with something classical like Waltz, then over a “stuck record needle” sound effect jump to a rock’n’roll like tune to “shake around”. The possibilities are endless – you could have few tunes spliced into one with sound effect in between and a prop filled choreography to make it fun and entertaining.
  • Additional dances as part of your ceremony – Yours doesn’t have to be the only “First Dance” of the evening – first dance for the parents or with parents for example is a great way to give your reception additional dimension.
  • Choreographed routine for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, or for the family members could also be an important part of the reception.
  • Perform and Record your first dance First at various places throughout the city before the Wedding Date and have filmed excerpts composed to create a backdrop for your actual “First Dance” to be projected behind you, as you take the front stage spot at your Wedding. Use the footage recorded at your classes to have it composed after the Wedding into your own Video Clip that would complete your own Wedding Memories Album
  • Choreography with your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen – talk your friends into doing a performance with you – you could start solo, and they could join you for a great finale. That would be a total surprise.

So here is a Fun Example Scenario For a Multi-Day Wedding:

Day One Evening Reception – First Dance of the Evening: recorded excerpts from the classes projected in black and white either on the screen or directly onto the fog, which composes with proper lighting for the actual entry – as an intro to the dance itself – dance to continue with just “the wedding couple” for the first part, then sound effect and lighting change accompany transition into a different pace and Bridesmaids and Groomsmen join in for a Grand Finale.

Toronto Wedding First Dance. Take a class

Day Two – Brunch In Victorian Garden Party Style – Dances with Parents – nice Slow Waltzes and Foxtrots

Day Two – Evening Reception – Latin Fiesta or 1920’s Speakeasy with a Wedding “First Dance Proper” – Argentine Tango

Whatever idea you might have, however extravagant it might be, it should at least be talked through, so you can find out if it is doable in its entirety or at least in parts. If your hope is to go “Full Out” on this one, we can help – we have both theatre and film production experience, so we know what we are doing.