All You Need To Know If Your Wedding Is 3 To 6 Months Away Take A 4 Weekends Crush Course Now or The General Couples Dancing 101 !

Dancing is suppose to be fun and exciting, it is meant to spice up you life.
Enjoy it! start early. Find out what is possible. Talk to us about your Wedding Dance Classes.

If your Wedding is 3 to 4 months away, you could take a Summer 4 Weekends Crush Course right away

Wedding Dance Classes in Toronto

4 Weekends Crush Course comprises of 8hr of group classes – 4 weekends 2hr each Saturday.

Having finished group dance classes introduction in 4 weeks gives you more time to prep your First Wedding dance choreography during private classes later.

If your Wedding is 5 to 6 months away, begin with General Couples Dancing 101

You might still decide to do the Crash Course, or you could take it slower with a General Couple’s Dancing 101 . General 101 comprises of 8 classes 60 min each one time a week on a weeknight. This way you finish the same material in 2 months instead of 1, and still have plenty of time to master your choreography during private classes.

After a 4 Weekend Crush Course or General Couple’s Dancing 101 you will:

  • look natural and competent as a couple on the dance floor
  • move smoother together
  • know typical and most practical set of dance moves
  • be able to comfortably and with confidence dance with others – regardless if they had any “previous training” or not.

Check the details of 4 Weekend Crush Course and General Dancing 101 and 102

Both regular and condensed versions are informative, light, fun and take pressure off your first steps onto the dance floor. If you have time Group Dancing Classes are the way go. Don’t Delay.

Tango as a Wedding Dance idea!

If you feel like more passion, characteristic mood, sharp steps and unmistaken music – from Ballroom Tango, American Social Tango, or their not so distant Argentine Tango cousin – any of them would be your natural choice.

Check Tango 101 Information

Treat yourself. A perfect mini project for the summer Don’t wait till last moment, fill the form below or Call Us now and we will book a 30 minutes free consultation.

Wedding dance classes Toronto
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