Everything you need to know if your wedding is very soon.
Try out Private First Wedding Dance lessons in Toronto now!

Dancing is suppose to be fun and exciting, it is meant to spice up you life.
Enjoy it! start early. Find out what is possible. Talk to us about Wedding Dance lessons.

If your Wedding is under 7 weeks away…
Private or Semi private Wedding Dance lessons Toronto is the way to go.

You have time for 3 to 8 private or semi private wedding dance lessons.

You could go “the minimalistic” way and with 2-3 dance classes just focus on the essentials.

On the other hand 7-8 classes is enough to put a simple Choreography together.

Slow Waltz as a Wedding Dance idea!

A simple Slow Waltz routine could be a way to go. Slow Waltz is where you get “most look” for the “least work”. Talk to us about which tunes are great for shortest choreographies.

Toronto Wedding Dance lessons

If you have between 7 to 14 weeks till your Wedding day
4 Weekend Crush Course for Wedding is the way to go.

Why choose the Crush Course:

Taking part in 4 Weekends Crush Course before you begin your private wedding dance lessons is not just a fun way to start. You save money learning in a group setting what you would need to learn in private classes anyway.

The most important though is the range of things and skills you’ll acquire, plus a chance to try 4 Fundamental Dancing Forms giving you more to choose from for your First Wedding Dance. If you have never tried a Rumba, how would you know you could be good at it?

After a 4 Weekend Crush Course you will:

  • look natural and competent as a couple on the dance floor
  • move smoother together
  • know typical and most practical set of dance moves
  • be able to comfortably and with confidence dance with others – regardless if they had any “previous training” or not.

Check the details of 4 Weekend Crush Course

What can we choose for our first dance after a Crush Course?

Having tried Swing and Rock’n’Roll, Latin Rumba and Salsa, Waltz and Slow Waltz, the repertoire for your First Wedding dance greatly increases.

One of those is bound to be fitting your temperament and the way you move. Having that leaves just few simple things to sort out for your Wedding Choreography. This gives you a best shot for looking natural and comfortable.

Wedding Dance lessons Toronto

We will help you come out looking relaxed, natural and competent, and most of all romantic. We will try to make it fun as well. Whenever you’re ready Call Us or use the contact form below.